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Welcome to Wisma Bahasa and enjoy learning Bahasa Indonesia at Wisma Bahasa

Wisma Bahasa, the first Indonesian Language Course in Yogyakarta, was established in 1982. It was initially called Yogyakarta Indonesia Language Centre (YILC), Wisma Bahasa has been running Indonesian Language training programs for multi-ethnic learners requiring Indonesian language services for general and specific purposes. Initiated by Mr. Daniel Perlman from USA, Wisma Bahasa is now owned by Suara Bhakti Foundation.

With more than 34 years of experience Wisma Bahasa has shown that in order to maintain its position as market leader amongst Yogyakarta language training institutions, it has had to provide highly consistent and high quality language service through a commitment to continuous improvement. From one type of language service in the early years, now the organization has improved and expanded its product by providing English and Javanese language training.

As the result of adhering to its vision and mission, more and more learners throughout the world have discovered and showed their interest in Wisma Bahasa. Those are from diverse programs, with various disciplines and backgrounds, and are mostly associated with prominent institutions and organizations.

We are not teachers to learners, but friends. We do not just teach the language, but create situations in which learners enjoy communicating in the target language. Hospitality is our principle. This is why we do not name our institution a college or school, but a home of language, Wisma Bahasa

Information about our courses will be provided, especially Indonesian, English, and Javanese Language Training in this website. Please click menus above.

Wisma Bahasa Immersion Program
The Immersion program is a package of bahasa Indonesia learning program designed for learners with at least intermediate level of proficiency. .....Read more

Wisma Bahasa e-Learning
Wisma Bahasa provide e-learning (distance learning).Wisma Bahasa provide e-learning (distance learning). If you want to learn bahasa Indonesia with Wisma Bahasa's instructors wherever you are, please contact us for details. .....Read more

Wisma Bahasa Class in Jakarta
This program is almost the same with the Indonesian Language Course in Wisma Bahasa Yogyakarta. The differences are the course fee and the teachers will come to your place. .....Read more

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